With a deep understanding of major urban markets and their consumers, P2B Ventures executes at the confluence of strong strategy, development process, and human experience.

P2B Ventures participates as a principal, joint venture partner, or strategic advisor in the development and/or repositioning of hospitality, residential, retail, and lifestyle projects.


As developer, entrepreneur, architect, and creator of P2B Ventures, Paul Brockway Boardman brings strategic vision and execution expertise to drive value in the creation of brands, developments and operating platforms alike. His family's legacy demonstrates a devotion to the arts, architecture, culture and community from Albany to the Upper West Side since the turn of the century.  He brings all of these together in his ventures.

He has played a central role in building game changing companies, developments, and brands globally that have consistently enhanced their communities.  He has identified and capitalized on emerging trends and experiences through the application of his process of innovation. 

P2B has consistently delivered success in its ventures; and uniquely understands how to drive business performance through crafting signature experiences and environments (places, product, programming, and content) that create consumer loyalty and community engagement.

P2B Ventures was created to:

Acquire, design and develop landmark projects in service of the communities within which they sit.

Collaborate with stakeholders and capital partners to refine, extend, and realize a project's vision and its strategic objectives.

Unlock value with our specific process of innovation and insight to the making of special places.

Create signature experiences that attract and retain consumers, and deliver value to the community and shareholder alike.

Drive revenue potential and business defensibility through strategic optimization of core business offerings, product/service extensions, intellectual property and new technology.

Develop leading, high barrier to competition products and scalable brands that energize their communities.

Understand major urban markets, the nuances of their neighborhoods and their resident consumers.

Praise for P2B Ventures

“P2B Ventures was an engine for growth. As an invaluable development partner, it propelled our Canyons Re-Creation without hesitation, managed complexity with great ease and ultimately ensured our success under near impossible post-crash economic conditions.”

Mike Goar, Managing Director Canyons Park City Utah

“...has special skills in the marketing, acquisition, design, execution, and development of trophy properties for Equinox....driving innovative and creative business vision which played the major, leading role in making Equinox the premier lifestyle brand in the fitness industry. ”

Scott Rosen, EVP, Chief Operating Officer-Equinox

“...visionary with superior execution skills. He is able to build and inspire teams to work hard and to drive to results. He takes a rigorous and commercial approach to business, with an excellent understanding of the issues associated with growth companies, new brand-marketing, business development, and real estate.”

Melanie Lyons, EVP  New Business Development-Equinox.

“...talent, passion, and ability to acquire new clients, new market sectors, and reinvigorate old ones helped the firm grow significantly over his tenure… I trusted him with critical aspects of my and the firm’s success and he delivered.”

Theodore Hammer FAIA Senior Managing Partner, HLW International LLP